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Tapas Menu


Special Tapas Menu - 
£ 10.50

Garlic Bread
Patatas Bravas or Patatas Ali Oli
Any 2 Tapas from the Menu

(Please note that special tapas are not included with this menu).

Not available Fri & sat evening.  Maximum 8 persons. Not to be shared.




Picoteos- Bitings

Pan Con Mantequilla £1.25
French bread with butter
Pan Con Ajo £2.25
Garlic bread
Pan Con Queso £3.25
Cheesy Garlic bread
Nachos Con Queso £5.25 / £9.25 main
Nachos with oven melted cheese,
Salsa and sour cream
Aceitunas £2.25
Green, marinated Spanish olives

Ensalada Simple £3.50 / £5.95 main
Crunchy mixed salad
Ensalada Atun £6.95
A mixed salad with tuna, egg and
Vegetarian Tapas

Patatas Bravas £3.50
Deep fried potatoes topped with a
Hot & spicy tomato sauce
Patatas Ali Oli £3.25
Deep fried potatoes topped with
Home-made garlic mayo.
Tortilla de Patatas £3.75
The famous Spanish omelette with
Potatoes and onions
Berenjenas Fritas £3.75
Sliced aubergines coated in flour ,
Deep fried & drizzled with honey
Espinacas Sacramento £4.50
Fresh spinach cooked with flaked
Almonds , cheese & fresh cream
Pimientos Rellenos £4.75
Gratin of baby smoked peppers stuffed
With spinach, sultanas, & almonds
Meat & Poultry Tapas

Chorizo A La Plancha £4.75
Spicy Spanish sausage ...cooked in a
White wine sauce
Pollo Al Ajillo £4.75
Cubed breast of chicken cooked in a
Garlic, parsley & white wine sauce.
Albondigas £4.75
Meatballs (pork & beef mince) cooked
In a traditional Spanish tomato
Pollo picante £4.75
Cubed breast of chicken coated in
Spanish herbs and spices batter and
Deep fried.
Fish & Seafood Tapas

Chipirones Pil Pil £4.25
Baby squid cooked in a home-made
Tomato sauce & spicy!
Mejillones Latino £4.75
Fresh mussels cooked in a piquant
Tomato sauce
Calamares Fritos £5.50
Squid rings coated in flour and
Deep fried
Special Tapas

Gambas a la plancha (4) £6.95
Griddled Mediterranean prawns. 

Gambas Al Ajillo (4) £7.95
Mediterranean king prawns cooked
In a garlic, parsley & white wine
Cordero Adobado £6.25
Pan fried sliced lamb marinated in
Fresh herbs, ginger, sesame oil and
Oyster sauce